Here Are 3 Urbana IL Restaurants & A Dessert Pick

When looking at listings for things to do and restaurants in Champaign, don’t get the city confused with Champaign County. You’re looking for Urbana, which is in the county of Champaign. It’s also a sister city to Urbana. If you have been following along, we’ve covered quite a few restaurants in the city of Urbana. Yet there are still 3 I want to bring to the table, and a good dessert pick.

When you’re on vacation, don’t you just want a good steak sometimes? You can order up a delicious ribeye cooked just the way you want it when you stop on by a restaurant called ‘The Ribeye.’ The Ribeye is located on South Neil Street, and the twice baked potato is a hit there, too. Plus, reviews point to the fact that the dining establishment has the biggest salad bar in town.

Masijta Grill is next, and its location is 202 North Race Street. Have you ever tried bulgogi? You can also order up pork belly and Korean barbecue at Masijta Grill. You can order up what’s called the unlimited grill, which means you get all the meat you want. Plus as far as sides, you have seven choices. That sounds like a place to get your fill on Korean food for sure.

Miga on North Neil Street is known for some unique and interesting dishes for sure. You’re talking about dumplings, butterfish, sea scallops, bi bim bap and so much more. The interior of this restaurant is said to be gorgeous, and you’re really going to love dining out at Miga. The cuisine is very creative according to reviews, and you’re talking about enjoying some nice delicacies.

Now it’s time for that dessert pick, which is Jarling’s on West Kirby Avenue. Do you like frozen custard? Jarling’s is known for its homemade frozen custard, pies, fudge, parfaits and banana splits, among other things. Custard is delicious, a soft and sweet ice cream that is just hard to match. If you stop by one of the restaurants mentioned and you are still up for dessert, Jarling’s is the place.

Or maybe you are just out on a hot afternoon, and you decide it’s time for ice cream. You can get your custard, and then you can head back out to visit some more top attractions in Urbana IL. Knowing the good places to eat is going to help you better navigate the city for sure.